Saturday, January 30, 2010


This morning’s news headline is that medical evacuations of the severely injured ∆írom Haiti have been halted because the governor of Florida wants to know who is going to pay for all these hospitalizations. My question is, “Who is it that insists on making money off this catastrophe ?” Usually this windsock we call governor goes with the flow, but I suspect that this time he’s listening to the wrong people.

Saturday, January 09, 2010

Synopis 0f 2009

Despite all the bad-mouthing of the year 2009 in the press and on TV, it was a reasonably good year for me. Aside from a few weeks in late January and early February, I was out of hospitals and nursing homes for an entire year. That’s pretty good compared to recent years. A nice, quiet year at home with Sally was pleasant and just what I needed. Even an uneventful year has its ups and downs. We gave up the car, but still got to the Fort Lauderdale performance of the Radio City Music Hall Christmas Show with the Rockettes. The staging, the lighting, the music, and the precision made it an evening of surprise and delight. We had bought a folding wheelchair that fits in the back of Mary’s car. She pushed me right from the parking lot to one of the best seats in the house (the same arena where we went to a skating show several years ago).

The computer took up a lot of my time the past year. I dabbled with both Facebook and Twitter, but by the end of the year I found I was partaking of neither to any extent. I installed Chrome as my browser when I found out that Google had introduced a version for Mac. However, by the end of the year I was so disappointed in it that I uninstalled it. There were no substantial advantages and several down sides, so I just dropped it.

I received a new and beautiful camera for Christmas. But I haven’t figured out a graphic way to take a picture of the cold weather Florida is experiencing right now. The thermometer on my computer shows that it is 40 degrees now (2PM) outside. But there are no snowdrifts nor icicles to photograph. 40 degrees in the afternoon in South Florida should be documentable. I suppose I could get a close up of my goose bumps!

I would put Obama’s performance as not what I hoped for in the past year. Of course, the Republicans have not contributed heroically. “Obstructionism” is the word for them.

I should talk! Early in the year I got out boxes of what I generously call memorabilia with the intention of sorting it, disposing of most of the “stuff” and thereby saving lots of space in our closets. Currently the boxes are still on the floor, new folders are stacked by my desk and the desk is hidden by pictures, cards, unanswered letters. There is barely space to maneuver the mouse. Of course, the last thing I really want to do is to run out of things to do.

I shall return. The day I don’t, will be the day I realize our cat is smarter than I am. (A valid concern.)