Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tiger Woods’ little speech yesterday was certainly way down the list of the most important events of the week, but it sure got a lot of talk-talk. What annoys me about him is his whine about the photographers bothering his wife and kids. Sure, that is not nice, but whose fault is it? I don’t sense that Tiger realizes that the intrusive photographers wouldn’t be anywhere in sight if he, Tiger, hadn’t been such a jerk. (Can you tell that I can’t spell the word that means intrusive photographers? And it isn’t in my dictionary.)
Tiger owes his billion dollars to the attention the press paid him. Don’t blame them for his fourteen overnight pals.

Enough about him. I read that the big banks are very unhappy that the proposed new regulations (that they may have to live by) may cost them 221 billion dollars in profits. Do I care? No, not when I wonder how much they cost the little Joes and Janes that have lost their jobs and savings as a result of the banks gambling and losing, but then getting bailed out like us folks weren’t.

Bayh probably cooked his own goose as far as his presidential hopes went. But I would have been ashamed to be in the current do-nothing Congress too. Those folks get a nifty salaries to participate in the governing of the United States. They don’t do that. They live high off the hog and do nothing but tend to their own party business. Let’s unelect the whole bunch in November.

This has been National Cardiac Rehabilitation Week. Did you do right by your heart?

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Feb Madness

Well, the Air Force is again shuffling injured Hatians to hospitals in the States despite the Florida governor. The poor governor is trying to win the Republican nomination to run for senator. However, the choice of the Tea Party crowd has gotten the edge over him. He doesn’t know which way to turn to satisfy voters.

More than politics have gone sour in Florida. Sympathy goes out to tourists who made reservations in response to the commercial cries of, “Come on down” to sunny Florida. It is COLD down here. And for the dry season, we are getting a lot of rain. Of course, the merchants enjoy bad weather. The tourists come off the beach and go to the malls. Bring extra cash!

On the personal side, I nosed around Google Buzz, but decided I didn’t want them (Google) deciding who my friends should be. Who needs another social network, anyway?

I have returned to Aqua Therapy to try to get myself out of the wheel chair. Where we live has a heated pool so the water is warm. It is a pleasant way to spend an hour and the aching legs only come later. Gosh, I am in poor condition!