Monday, November 07, 2005

Removal of offending lines.

I received a comment on my blog concerning Vermont and specifically my memory of what I was told about Bob Hathaway. I regret that I attributed the name of the point that formed St. Albans Bay to his grandfather. Apparently several “greats” should have preceded grandfather. I said a sudden influx of money derived from selling the family farm. His son points out that the farm is still in business on Hathaway’s Point. He is doubtlessly correct on this because I do remember in later years being driven by the Hathaway Farm, very pretty. If my apparently flawed memory serves, we did not stop to visit because of bad feelings between senior family members. I do not know where the money came from, but my memories of flax production being the subject of many conversations among the Meigs family members and the adults of my family are clear. The interest and involvement was always attributed to Bob Hathaway.

My personal memory (that of a very young kid) of Bob Hathaway are most favorable. He let me play in his Chris Craft which was docked in front of the cottage my folks rented for summer vacation. We had a lunky old row boat to use and sitting behind the wheel of the Chris Craft and making motor noises with my mouth was a real thrill.

In the future I will refrain from discussion of those vacations at Hathaway’s Point in this blog. I have edited the subject post to, I hope, remove the offending sentences.

Oh, I would like to mention that the doughnuts sold at the general store at Saint Albans Bay forever set my standard for excellence in doughnuts.


Robert F. Hathaway said...

I thank you for your response and the corrections made. My offer to show you arround the family farm is an open invitation and I would be happy to be your guide.

Marilyn said...

Once that donut standard has been set, it never wavers, does it? Mine was set by Glenn's Bakery in Crescent City, California (my hometown). A town that once had its downtown wiped out by a tsunami! When I was a child, I'd wake on my birthday mornings to find one chocolate covered cake donut sitting on a small plate at my place setting at the kitchen table. What made it special was that no one else got one on my birthday, just me. You would have thought it was a bar of gold...instead of a 10-cent donut. :)

Marilyn said...

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