Thursday, February 23, 2006

Upon Returning

Upon Returning

I realize that I have contributed little to the blathering online lately. I apologize, either for the lapse or for the return, which ever suits your mood. I have been occupied. Yesterday was the day we were to meet with the CPA to go over the income tax situation. Such a date inhibits my playing around on the computer. Every time I would sit down, I realized I should be working on the taxes. That is out of the way.

I’ve had tummy problems and so the GI man made arrangements for me to have a rather new test. Some emergency, I know not what, befell the nurse that was to set it up and I have been waiting almost a month. The thought of it rode around in the back of my mind for a long while. Tuesday, I swallowed the TV camera and went all day with a receiver for the signals from the camera strapped around my waist and to the sticky things stuck on my chest and abdomen. Couldn’t eat anything for almost 24 hours. Not something that induces one to write blogs. They tell me it can take up to two weeks to analyze the pictures the camera takes. Walgreen’s probably could develop them faster.

When soon I come back, I will tell about the chemistry lab explosion that livened up our Junior year in High School.


Marilyn said...

We'll all be waiting (for your return). Good luck on the test results. And good for you for getting your taxes done...I always wait until the absolute last minute...even when it's good news. :)

Archana said...

There you are! Was wondering where you had gotten to :-)! Wow, you had to swallow a camera :-O! Good luck for your results.

I have not yet started on my taxes :-(. I wait till the last minute and *then* file for an extension. I know, I am terrible!