Tuesday, April 04, 2006


If you are a senior, and even if you are not, you frequently see surveys and polls asking your opinion on the greatest advance in technology in the last century. The computer gets a lot of votes., probably the most. We hear about the transistor and microchip from more technically oriented folks. Disposible diapers are credited by new mothers often. Radio and TV are cited as is assembly line manufacturing. Spray antiperspirants are favored by city dwellers.

BUT AS A LIFE_LONG SUBURBANITE I would like to praise the developer of the power lawn mower with grass catcher. To this day I remember vividly the Saturday I picked up that faithful old Pennsylvania push mower in a temper and threw it as far as I could ( about 18 inches) . I walked straight to the car sitting in the driveway, drove to "Two Guys From Harrison" and without cosulting the checkbook OR my wife -- purchased a POWER MOWER. Outdoor life began that day!

Second choice goes to the power edger. Of course, the manual grass clipper developed a strong handshake, but... the calluses!

Of course, in the "home" where I now reside, I must cofess I look out the window (closed to keep the air conditioning in) and watch the landscaping crew (probably illegal Guatemalans) make the lawn pretty.


Floridora said...

Having a little problem here. Let's see if this takes.xrfrjz

lawnmowers said...

Good article floridora. I thought my lawn mower was bad. Good thing I'm too young to have ever dealt with push powers mowers. My temper tantrums would definatly be 10x what they are now.

Archana said...

I have *never* used a lawn-mower in my life - so can't really appreciate how great power-mowers are! I also look out of the window and appreciate other people doing the job ;-)!

My vote for greatest technological advance would be for the internet :-D!

Marilyn said...

I can remember us having a push mower when I was little. I used to love to push that thing (with Dad's help, of course.)