Friday, July 07, 2006

Cereal Boxes

This morning there was a time constraint on my getting breakfast. After 8:00AM I was not to eat or drink again until after a test scheduled for 12:00 noon. Since that meant nothing more to eat until 2:30 or so, I decided to eat a larger than normal breakfast. I would have an English muffin AND dry cereal. It was a new box of cereal, never opened. The box opened quickly and easily. There was my “Smart Start” right before my eyes protected by the plastic bag common to dry cereals. I tugged and I strained, my poor old arthritic thumbs could not open that pseudo-wax paper bag. Finally, in desperation I resorted to scissors, something I have never before had to do.

Have you ever noticed that packaging engineers cannot achieve a consistent amount of glue to seal cracker boxes, cereal boxes, detergent boxes and anything where the glue has to be applied after the product is in the container? I have never had much respect for packaging engineers. They are so imbued with the thought that their mission in life is to “protect the product”, that they ignore the consumer who must have the product in hand to use or eat it. But they don’t seem to monitor the volume of glue nor its tenacity used on a packaging line moving at the speed of a space shuttle. Bah!


Marilyn said...

Don't feel bad...I had to resort to scissors to open a little bag of crackers last night. And I had the same thought...aren't you supposed to be able to SEPARATE the glued parts? Sheesh. They're overdoing the glue thing.

Archana said...

Ha, if only I got a dollar for everytime I pulled the ends of a package apart thinking that they would come off easily, only to have nothing happen. Most of the times, I then pull harder and then suddenly- booom - half the contents of the package are spilt on the floor through the rip which finally appears...grr!