Monday, August 14, 2006

Heat Breeds Chills

The world is full of incongruities. For instance, in the height of the hottest season here in South Florida, look in the back of most of the senior citizens’ cars. You will see nice warm jackets and sweaters. Stand in front of a movie theater or a restaurant and you will see those warmers over the arms of incoming patrons. Managers of such places adjust their air conditioners to suit a younger crowd and we oldsters shiver. I am at the stage where I sigh with pleasure when I get in and sit down in a car that has been sitting in the sun for three hours. Great for arthritis!


Archana said...


Keith said...

Or, you could come and live in England where two weeks ago we were melting in the heat and now are shivering and putting our heating back on... KP

Marilyn said...

When we lived in the Caribbean, we dressed as if for a Fall football game when we went to the movies--the air conditioning was like being inside a meat locker!

My folks were inside our place this weekend and as they were leaving, my Dad asked (for the umpteenth time) if we have air conditioning. Yes, of course, I said. But you don't turn it on? We had the ceiling fan on high and the front door and windows open...I thought it felt just right in the house. That's when you realize that some people actually LIKE heat...and some abhor it. Needless to say, we're in the former group. :)