Thursday, December 21, 2006

A Few Things I Have Been Busting to Say

The most sickening sight on the Florida Turnpike is the parade of car-carrier trucks hauling all those snow birds’ cars south for the winter. We have plenty of year round traffic without them. Snow Birds, Just leave your money and go on home.

Proven again by a visit from a friend with baby – Cute girls have cute kids.

I am convinced that it is pretty silly when we fight a war and can’t put a definitive name on the enemy and can’t give a simple answer to how we will know if we win.

Maybe their specialties are extraordinary, but the regular Starbucks coffee you pick up at rest stops along highways is just ordinary and not worth the premium price they charge.

I nominate SunPass and similar methods for paying highway tolls without stopping as one of the miracles and greatest conveniences of the past, present, and future centuries.


Oestre-Bunny said...

having been a loyal starbucks customer for years i happened into a costas the other day.

you can actually taste the coffee in costa's coffee!

i'm starting to loose my faith in starbucks

Marilyn said...

Good list! I do have to admit to liking Starbucks this time of year...mainly for their gingerbread lattes. :) We have "FastTrack" for tolls here in the Bay Area (well, we're close to Sacramento, but J plays most of his gigs in the Bay Area.) What kind of tolls do you have down there? Because ours are getting ridiculous! All Bay Area bridge tolls (except the Golden Gate) are going up a dollar to $4 on Jan. 1, and they're predicting the Golden Gate (which is already $5!) will go up to $6 sometime in '07. It's not owned by the state...has its own bridge district. In fact, my mother's oldest friend was on the bridge board until a couple of years ago. Several years ago, he gave her a 'tour' to the TOP of one of the Golden Gate's spires. And I STILL can't believe she did that...climbed all the way up and peeked her head out at the top! I'd have been terrified! (Afraid of heights.) Sorry, I got sidetracked...but thought of that when I started thinking about the bridges. :)

Floridora said...

Wow, I got the golly-wobbles just being On that bridge - in a car. Yes tolls, like everything, are inching up; The SunPass provides a small discount, however. The nice thing is you can also use it for airport parking.

east village idiot said...

I'm right behind you on all points!
In New York they now call Starbucks -- "Fourbucks" -- the average price for a drink there.