Friday, February 02, 2007

Electric Scooters 'r Us

Last week we went to the store and placed an order and Monday my brand new, three-wheeled, shiny, royal blue chariot arrived. It is rated to attain 4 1/2 miles per hour, but I haven’t pushed it to its limit yet so I can’t verify that claim. It has a horn (a sort of shrill peep peep) and a headlight and two taillights for night forays to the 7-11 (also untested). Gas mileage is irrelevant since each night I plug it into the plug on the wall and the next morning it is ready to roll. I’ll admit I feel like a kid that just got his first two-wheeler.

I think most people live the largest part of their lives with that “It can’t happen to me!” thought in the back of their mind. It got me through a war and that only strengthened the baseless confidence. Thus, it may be that what for an ion has been called second childhood, is simply when the feeling “It can’t happen to me!” meets the reality, “Oh, yes it can!” At that point, the natural response to the realization of mortality becomes a decision to “have some fun while possible”.

So look out world!, as soon as they put the lift on the back of our car, I intend (between doctor appointments) to frolic afar!


Keith said...

As we say in England "keep death off the road, drive on the pavement" !

Happy motoring !

kenju said...

Most days, I wish I had one, but the nearest store is 3 miles away, and I doubt I could use it (no sidewalks)...LOL

I went to Disneyworld last year with my daughters, and they rented one of those for me on the 2nd day. I LOVED it!

Archana said...

Have fun zooming around :-)!

Anonymous said...

I really admire your zest! I quote your example to all my family, especially my Mother-in-law who is the same age.

Marilyn said...

I have no doubt you'll be zipping all over the place!

mark said...

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