Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Second Try

Sorry, the Gods had other ideas and shipped me back the the hospital for more slicing and dicing. S is going to bring my laptop in a day or so and I can try again. Thanks for the respondses to my false starts


Oestre-Bunny said...

hey ho!
a false start is better than no start! glad you ok (ish?.
look forward to hearing from you soon!
laura xx

Archana said...

Oh goodie, we are going to see you tomorrow then :-))!

east village idiot said...

Two thumbs up! Look forward to having you back at bat soon!

Marilyn said...

Holding a good thought for you...looking forward to your next update.

Bharathis said...

Welcome Back! Missed you!

Entropy said...

Visited your blog again after a long time - enjoyed the latest posts.
Especially the one titled 'caution'.
And I also want a boss like the one you describe in the post about the military police complaning about you not wearing your hat.