Sunday, May 06, 2007

Restarting the Brain Cells (?)

After almost three months in hospital and rehab beds, I am going to have a rough time weaning my brain off thoughts of scheduled meds; hospital gowns, transfusions, blood drawing and food that was nothing like home cooking. I do suspect that my sense of humor disappeared in a hazardous waste container. Even though, with one exception, I know I was fortunate to be in excellent facilities and even though I recognize my life and most limbs were saved – I can’t claim any day of it was as joyous as arriving home to family and friends.

Honey, the youngest of our cats, did spoil the mood by being a little too cat-curious the first night home by nipping and tugging at the bandage intended to protect the site of my missing toe. Of course, my YELP and kick sent her (and my startled wife) to the moon.

Obviously, I have not had time to read all my favorite blogs yet, or the e-mail, but I am finding it fun to nudge away at it. More later.


Marilyn said...

So glad you're home! I have NO DOUBT that your wonderful humor has survived unscathed. ;) Welcome back!

Archana said...

I agree with Marilyn - bet your sense of humor is hale and hearty. Great to see you posting :-)! Welcome back :-D!

kenju said...

Welcome back! Come and read all of us and then post about all of your experiences!

Bharathis said...

Welcome back!