Friday, June 29, 2007

Heros are Born

Wednesday noon we had a little excitement (Rest Home Style}. We were peaceably eating lunch in the Main Dining Room. My seat is perhaps closest to the door. Suddenly, there was a loud, explosive-like noise from the kitchen. There are multiple chandeliers throughout the dining room. Each has eight or more mini light bulbs shaped like candle flames. The bulbs all popped like a Chinese fire cracker display with flashes of super bright light. Old folks in wheelchairs like me peddled for the door in a mad panic. What caught my eye were the high school kids that act as waitstaff leading the rush - except for one who stayed calm. She moved to the bank of light switches and turned all of them off. She then went back in to help the residents escape.

She (Tamber is her name) probably did not do the right things from the point of view of her personal safety. There was no time for much thought, but something made Tamber take the selfless path to help others.

A rational review later showed there was never any acute danger, but in those few nano-seconds, Tamber and those few of us that observed her actions knew that she was of the stuff of heroines.


kenju said...

Tamber - what a lovely name! What was the explosion in the kitchen?

Floridora said...

They were in the process of hooking up an emergency generator. Obviously, the didn't get the proper leg bone connected to the correct hip bone. We truly hope they figure it out before the first hurricane drops in.

Archana said...

Wow - Tamber sure is a heroine! Good to know it was nth serious!

east village idiot said...

I love stories like this one. There are heroes all around us - we don't need to turn on a tv to find one.