Monday, February 11, 2008


I wrote some limericks this week-end for the local newsletter. They weren't wanted so I thought I would inflict them on the readers of this blog. Names of folks and places are all taken from the people and locales we know here at the "old folks home".

There was a real beauty named Lisa,
Her friend was a gal called Theresa.
They went to the fair,
Ate more than their share.
That comes with a yen for real pizza.

There was a young lad from City Place,
Who hungered to soar into outer space.
When NASA said, "No".
He built a rocket to go.
Now, of him they've found ne'er a trace.

There was an old lady from Lantana,
Who planned for a trip to Savannah.
She longed to look nice,
No matter the price.
So from Hermes she bought a bandana.

There was an old gent from Lakeside,
Who looked at the world from the bleak side.
But he spied a young Miss,
That he longed for to kiss.
She ended the day on her backside.

If the last one was offensive to you, I apologize - You just don't know the single guys here at Lakeside. And I know that "Hermes" should have a thingy over the last "e", but I don't know how to do that on a computer.


kenju said...

GOOD limericks, Floridora. I can't imagine why they weren't wanted.

smilnsigh said...

Hi! Me again. I just popped in over on your other blog. And came back here. Guess this is where I said I'd intro myself. :-)

First, great limericks! Poooh on them for not wanting them.

And, I came across your blog... how? Hey, that was a couple of days ago, so how can I be *expected* to remember how or where, hu? ,-)

'Aged and Grumpy' thing in your link, must have caught my eye. Cute!!!

So, I have a link to my regular blog, below my signed name below. Sometimes my Profile Page link doesn't show up, as it's supposed to. This way, you can look in at my regular blog, if you wish. And by scrolling to the bottom of my regular blog page there, you can find my other blogs, if you wish. I put my Side Bar info on the bottom of my page, and I only show 3 entries to a page. Why?

Because I post a lot of *Pretty Pictures.* And each and every picture takes time to load. If I had a week's worth of entries coming up, when one clicks on my blog, it might take toooooooooo long to load. And people would get tired of waiting and go away. {I know I get tired of waiting for blogs to load ~ those which have a *zillion* little pics and buttons and sparkly things in their Side Bar. Yishhhhhhhhh!}

As I said in your other blog comment, I'm coming up on 71. In addition to that, my info is that I'm a wife, mother and grandmother. Who is totally enjoying the later years. Have no need to keep doooooing anything! But I think this is a female trait. It's harder for males to re-laxxxxxxxxx. -grin- Although my husband is lucky in that he's always had hobbeys and now, has more time to enjoy them. Wood working and the like.

And, by now, you can seeeeee, that I do rattle on toooo much. So, you have been forewarned. ,-)


Keith said...

I know lots of limericks, but I am afraid they are all unprintable !

Archana said...

I really liked the second one :-)! Obviously those ppl you sent the limericks to can't recognize a good limerick if it is handed to them on a plate with water-cress around it!*

*phrase lifted from P.G. Wodehouse.

Marilyn said...

I love to write limericks...and love these! :)