Friday, March 14, 2008

A Loss

I have recently suffered a demi-disaster. I leaned back in my favorite chair and something in the framework of the chair gave way. My favorite chair no longer supports me in the manner to which I have become accustomed. This chair has seen me through pain and joy, good moods and bad. For years it has been my retreat, my nest, my comfy spot. Memory tells me I have had three favorite chairs, maybe four, in my life. Two were “easy” chairs and two were office chairs. Each parting was cause for grief. Only once has it been anger provoking. At work, I started out with an all-wood, factory veteran, painted a quite awful green. There was no cushion to protect my then-skinny butt, but it and the chair grew to know each other. As I changed offices, I always took my green chair with me. Always, until we built a snazzy new R&D Building. I thought I outranked the office manager, but she won that day. She wheeled away my friend and short of physical force or an unbecoming temper tantrum, I could not stop her. The replacement was pretty, but it never replaced solid oak.

While I’ll bet that most everyone has a favorite, I recall no blogger confessing his/her affection for a simple piece of furniture. I don’t what I will do next. You can’t really go to the store and ask to look at future favorite chairs, can you? That would strike me as the same as going to e-harmony to find a favorite spouse. Although it is possible to go to a pet store or a kennel and immediately know the puppy that licks your face will be a life long friend. Maybe I'll go for a puppy.

Oh woe is me!


kenju said...

I suspect your local Lazy Boy Company will have a bevy of future possibles for you to try on, so to speak. Mine is navy blue ultrasuede and I absolutely love it. I hope mine doesn't fall apart any time soon, as I probably could not afford to replace it with a similar chair.

east village idiot said...

I LOVE this post. It is indeed hard (but not totally impossible) to find another comfy chair. And there is much grief involved...My comfy chair is in my living room. My husband and I bought it in Cambridge for $80 dollars in 1988 at a consignment shop. that was a lot of money for us back then. It's been through two upholstery jobs and we'll never let it go...unless is crumbles beneath us!