Monday, July 14, 2008

Day 3

Sorry I missed a day (yesterday). There is just so much to catch up on. We have arranged for a nurse to come in once a day to re-dress my "wound". And today I am expecting to have someone come in and arrange for more physical therapy. I have trouble with phys and occupational therapy. The exercises are so boring that I listen to all the conversations going on in the room and I lose count of how many silly exercises I have done. I simplified the process of trying to remember where I was and always start over at nine. I figure that there must be some statistical proof that nine is a valid average and it all evens out in the end.

Right now I have to go wrap plastic bags around my leg to water-proof the incision site so I can take a shower before before the nurse comes. Somewhere in there there is a logic to that sentence, but who cares? Also in ten minutes I have to take twelve pills and huff and puff on an inhaler to cure my wasted lungs.

I have cleared out the over one thousand e-mails and several hundred g-mails. Blogs remain a different story. I want to read all that I have missed instead of the heartless deleting I practiced on the daily mail from Penn State, the New York Times, etc. More later.


Rose said...

I'm glad to read that you are doing ok. Recently not only did you celebrate a birthday, but I see this is your 3rd year of blogging.Happy blogiversity

kenju said...

I have missed something, apparently, while I was out of town. I will go back and read to see what happened. I hope your incision heals quickly and that the exercises get less boring!

bsgator said...

I think that you need a really fun physical therapist who makes the exercises interesting, and who is charming and delightful to work with!