Monday, January 05, 2009

Small Notes

While attacking the mess in my office recently, I came across one of the notebooks my wife had provided me to make notes while in the hospital. I had added a bunch of ideas from the past (and some the present) which might make blog subjects. That ended my efforts at cleaning up. I sat down to read.

My first thought came not from anything I wrote, but from what I didn’t write. Why the blankity blank can’t I date things? I write notes like, “Dr. Garcia, Friday, 1:45PM” No month! I have gazillion menus with no dates. I don’t know why I care, but it would help me figure out how many times I had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches in any given week.

I remembered that my Dad could not hear high frequency sounds. He wired a light into the phone so he didn’t have to yell “Is THAT the phone?” His hobby was building HiFi phonos, He had meters to see if something that he built really worked. Nothing got him down.

Dad never told me (or anyone I knew) that he couldn’t tell me what he was working on at work. He simply didn’t tell. Once I twitted him about that and he told that on that day he and coworkers took a radar up on to the roof of the building he worked in. They shot at pigeons with a radar gun and killed several. Since I had no idea at that time what a radar gun was, I didn’t know if I was being teased or not.

Wish I had dated the note that read: “Today, I had the nurse from Hell. Bad Breathe, Chewing gum, and Body Odor.”


Keith said...

Happy New Year - glad to see you are still bashing the PC keys.

Look in on you regular, so it's nice when we see a new entry.

This coming Sunday, I go into hospital to have part of a kidney removed. I have never had any sort of surgery before, so I am really apprehensive. After what you've been through I shouldn't take on so I guess.

Floridora said...

Keith, I am so sorry to hear that. but be of good cheer. These people (doctors etc) know what they are doing these days. You just go to sleep and wake up in no time. Leave the tough part to them. You really don't have to do a thing. I'll say a prayer.

kenju said...

Maybe the nurse was chewing gum because of her bad breath!

SeniorNetDallas Blog Monitor said...

Yep, I agree. Dates are important. When looking up things on the Internet it's impossible to tell if you are reading something written in 2001 or 2007.

And how about old photographs stored all over the house in drawers. In the old days, none of them had a date on the back! It's sooooo... frustrating.

Just love your blog Florida,
Valle Ingram

Floridora said...

Not only dates, but names. I got a whole bunch when my mother passed away that I can't identify. I hope they are not relatives because some are pretty ugly!