Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Gracious Sakes Alive!

We went to the mall this noon for lunch. There is a door right next to the restaurant we enjoy, so we parked near by and ducked in without really glimpsing the mall proper. After lunch (we commented that it was unusually lacking in people eating) we made our plan for attacking the mall, my wife to the department stores and I to the Apple store and the like.

Now by way of background, The Mall at Wellington Green is quite classy, in keeping with its name. First class merchants all have stores there. The second thing to remember is that I have not been out of home, nursing home, or hospital for several months.

Well, I got on my little electric go-cart and headed off to see the sights. I wasn’t gone a minute when it struck me – My God! Where are the stores? I have been hearing lots about the recession on TV, but this was the first I had seen it up front and personal. My first impression was that every other store was empty. It wasn’t quite that bad, but pretty desolate. The only store that showed any bustle was the Apple store. I went in Dillards Department store to buy three pair of socks and there I saw the other side of the phenomenon . In the Men’s Dept. it was 40% off on everything and 70% off a wonderful array of racks of long sleeve sports shirts. The few men that were in the store were hovering over the racks looking for more shirts than the ones they had clutched in their arms. In retrospect, I should have bought six pairs of socks.

I had a question for someone in the Verizon telephone store. I am used to standing in line there. Today there were four idle clerks and me. They all wanted to “help me” and they didn’t even back off when I said I just had a question.

I was too young during the Great Depression to realize things were different than normal then. This time I was shockingly aware that change may be coming that could be irreversible.



kenju said...

I have noticed many empty store fronts and now even big box stores are closing. We are in for hard times, before it gets better.

Archana said...

I know! Just yesterday my colleague at work told me that now that the recession is here, even her dentist has all the time in the world and took twice as normal time for basic teeth cleaning!

I hope good times arrive here soon.

Improfane said...

I am a student from the UK and am becoming scared by the closing of stores in Canterbury. Shops are our economy...

World Of Warcraft Gold said...

I know! Just yesterday my colleague at purpose informed me that now how the financial downturn is here, even her dentist has each of the time from the world and took twice as regular time for basic teeth cleaning!要

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