Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Another Retirement

Despite the fact that I am without doubt one of the best drivers on the road, that big day has come. We are turning in our leased car and giving up driving (sort of). I would like to say that I remember that day almost 70 years ago when I first got a driver’s license. Truth is – I can’t. Maybe that is part of my reason for this big step. Other, and more valid, reasons include macular degeneration, no wish to finish my career with an accident, and financial thoughts. Lakeside Village where we live provides transportation for most routine local errands and appointments. To prevent acute trauma to our systems, we are reserving the right to take an Enterprise rental car for big trips or leisurely Christmas shopping. We’ve worked it out and that’s lots less expensive than having our own car. Next week we have the lift for my “electric chair” taken off the back of the car. And the following week GMAC gets the car back. ‘Twill be a sad day in Lantana.


Marilyn said...

awww...a big step indeed. but it sounds like it will be a less expensive, hassle-free way to live. (if someone would pull up to my house and run me on errands, i'd be thrilled!) ;)

evi said...

That is indeed a big step. I know how men and boys are about cars. But you are wise. Better to take precautions than end up in a bad situation. As a woman - I'd be more than happy to be driven around by someone else for the rest of my life!

Cara Larose said...

"Better safe than sorry," huh? I have to agree, you have made a very wise decision. After all, life is more important than career, right? And I think you've done more than more than enough for your career. It's time to walk out of the spotlight and spend your days peacefully.