Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thoughts of the Day

Oh Gosh! We elect a guy from Chicago and what should we expect? He opens the whole Atlantic coast line for oil drilling! Those mid-westerners have no appreciation or love of beaches!

There is something that puzzles me. We catch law-breakers, put them in jail, and it costs the tax-payers a fortune to keep them there. So what is wrong with the tax-payers making a few dollars from the wrong-doers? People write into the local newspapers and say, “You are not installing red light cameras for safety, you are doing it to raise money!” OK, I am the guy that said the state could solve their budget problems by sending troops of state police down to Route I 95 and give tickets to every speeder on the road. The state would make a bundle every day until the word got out.

The “helical” (spiral), long life bulb in my desk lamp burned out the other day. It was practically new. So much for trying to be a “green” citizen. It cost twice as much as the incandescent bulb it replaced and lasted half as long. I’m back to nice, round incandescent. I like the light from the old-fashioned bulbs better anyway.

I wonder how long it will be before all buildings will be made cell phone friendly and the line phones will join the dinosaurs. Then, if someone would please invent a way to send electricity wirelessly, we could get rid of all those ugly telephone poles and their ugly wires.


Marilyn said...

boy, pal, you're on a roll today! i'm a life-long Dem, but i'm as mystified by Obama's drilling plan as everyone else.

we've been using those fancy new light bulbs...but the warnings re disposal of them make me nervous...what if one should break?

re making up for budget shortfalls...the hot new thing in California is to release prisoners early. i don't know, i sorta wish they'd cut back on cars for officials and overpaid legislators, etc. :(

Floridora said...

That burned out bulb os still sitting on my desk. I don't know what to do with it. I'd take it with me to my grave, but I've opted for cremation and that would probably not be a wise way to dispose of it.

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