Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Scattered Thoughts for August

I love the story of the flight attendant that blew his stack at the passenger who thought the rules didn’t apply to him/her. When I was very young, I got furious at my boss. I went to the locker room, got my coat, and went home – at 2 in the afternoon. Next day I came to work wondering if I still had a job. My boss did the most hurtful thing he could have done to me. He never said a word about my disappearing act that I thought of as a big grandstand play, It made me mad at him all over again.

[Can anyone tell me why my computer will not print an apostrophe? I get a [ instead. Also, I cannot put quotation marks in front of the letter O. When I try, I get Ö. It sort of reminds me of the Geico TV commercial. The two little eyes peeking over the O. ]

Sally has recovered from the nasty cat bite she got a couple of weeks ago. She now needs to recover from two trips to the ER, Two potent antibiotics, one hefty shot of one antibiotic, and multiple OTC pills of antihistamine.


kenju said...

I wish I could solve your computer problem, but I have problems of my own and don't have a clue how to change them.

Sometimes the cure is worse than the original problem (cat bite!)

Keith said...

To me it sounds like a keyboard driver problem, as in you have the wrong language driver loaded for your country. This sometimes happens even when you've had the right one for years. Are you on a Windows PC ? Let me know and if you are I can give you a bit of guidance.

Floridora said...

Keith- I suspect you are right, but I haven't figured out to correct it. No Windows. I am a Mac person. Know anything about Mac?

Archana said...

Yup, my sympathies are totally with the flight attendant!

Sorry, not a mac person :-(. What did the Google God say?

Floridora said...

He said, "Go to the Mac God!"