Thursday, October 13, 2005


Rain has followed us north from Florida to Vermont. We have had a wonderful time, but feel slightly guilty to have imposed this weather on the residents of every community we've visited. This post is coming from Albany, NY. A banner has been running across the TV screen this evening announcing flood warnings for four counties in the area.

Growing out of S's head is Barnegat Lighthouse on Long Beach Island. Not great photography, but, hey! it was pouring.

Will head further west tomorrow to try to find a dry route home.


Marilyn said...

I was just thinking about you yesterday...wondering how your trip was going. Sorry to hear about the rain, but hope you're having an otherwise lovely time.

ZinniaSoCA said...

I'm so glad you posted in SeniorNet! That AP reporter contacted me and she's a really nice gal. She is now on vacation until the 26th, but I will also pass on your information. If you know of any other senior bloggers, do let her know or me. I am Zinnia SoCA with a space on SeniorNet and if you click on my name there, you can get my email address. My blog is at was featured as The Best of MSN last week, chosen out of 15 million blogs, can you imagine?

I can see that I'm going to enjoy yours, so thanks again for posting it on SeniorNet!



ZinniaSoCA said...

the end of that url is /musemonkey/ I guess it was too long for the allotted space and it looks from here like you won't get all of it.