Sunday, September 25, 2005

A Month's Furlough

Last year at almost the same time, S- and I had a trip all lined up. We had our reservations and AAA triptiks tied into a schedule which would give us a peek at the fall leaves of Vermont. Along the way we would visit old homesteads of ours. We would check out the WWII Memorial in Washington Just a day or so before we were to leave, I had an inconvenient heart attack with accessories. I spent three weeks in a hospital and three more weeks in a nursing home. All of that is to explain why this blog may suffer an interruption lasting most of October. We are going to update the triptiks, repack our bags and get new reservations. We are going to try again. This time we will take the Auto Train from Florida to the Capital, then drive the rest of the way. I will be carrying the laptop with the hope I will be able to post some picture here, but super-geek I am not. So check in now and then so judge my technical abilities. rsl


Marilyn said...

First of all, so glad you're HERE a year later to be blogging! Hope you have a wonderful trip. And I think you're more of a tech geek than you let on. Heck, it took me MONTHS to figure out how to post photos when I first started blogging, and you've been doing it all along. :) Safe travels.

east village idiot said...

God bless you and have a great trip. It's worth every penny to enjoy the fall up in the northeast.