Thursday, December 01, 2005

Christmas - Gone, but not Forgotten

For years I have been on the side of preachers and others who have decried the increasing commercialization of Christmas. I was not a loud supporter, but I was standing on their side of the field. Now I have a problem. The big department stores, at least in this area, have deleted the word “Christmas” as well as angels, stars, and other reminders of the origin of Christmas from their decorations and promotions of the season. Am I to believe that they are advancing the idea that Mr. Macy started Christmas? The principal display at the Wellington Mall is an advertisement for a movie. Are kids now expected to believe that the season is a product of Hollywood?

Am I to be a victim of the old saw, “Be careful what you ask for, you might get it”?

Merry Christmas!


Marilyn said...

Here's my take on this (and I'll admit I'm having a hard time understanding all the uproar over deleting the word Christmas in the stores): Because this time of year was long ago transformed from a religious holiday for most people to an almighty dollar spending one, it would seem logical to remove the religious connotations from retail establishments. Not to mention that this season also includes Hannukah and Kwanzaa. Personally I think Santa belongs in the stores and the Christian aspects belong in church. Christians seem to want to have it both ways--they want Jesus AND Santa. So if Christians are going to complain about removing the religious words from stores, then I think they'd better go all the way and give up Santa, too. Otherwise, doesn't it seem hypocritical? ;)

Floridora said...

I think that yours is the position the I have troubles arguing with. What's more, I'm not sure that I have any desire to argue. I am going to have to leave it to deep thinkers to sort it out. I just stumble a little over my belief that the country was founded by christians and has for centuries been in fact, if not in theory, a christian nation. The Israelis face much the same issue while we all strive for perfection.

east village idiot said...

Don't get me going on the subject! When I was growing up with my extended family in the east village (native italians on my mom's side) we each got one present each. That was it. The holiday was religous and family oriented. Tons of food, music, church, candles, a gigantic creche scene my grandma would put together in the living room filled with little statues and a manger.

Kids must think that Santa and Frosty the Snowman were present at the birth of Christ -