Saturday, December 31, 2005

New Year's Eve Plan

By now everyone has seen the TV pleas that people not Drink and Drive. My plea is a little different. Please do not ride with a driver who has been drinking. The passenger seat in a car has not been nicknamed the Death Seat without reason.

I want you back to read all the fascinating blogs I have planned for 2006. If you look in everyday you may see adventures like: How it felt to kiss the King’s wife, The day I had to land a crippled plane on an aircraft carrier deck – after only one lesson, Two weeks alone on the African veldt. Stay around long enough and I may recount falling over-board in the Artic Ocean.

So PLEASE, DON’T RIDE WITH A DRUNK DRIVER! Think what you will miss.

Love ya! Ralph says, "you'all come back! Ya hear?


Marilyn said...

Happy New Year, Floridora, to you and your lovely wife!

Archana said...

Like The Terminator, "I will be back" :-)! Wishing you a wonderful New Year!!

KDunk said...

Happy New Year Floridora! Hope it's a good for you.

almar said...

Wow! I never knew thst scientists were also literate!