Saturday, May 13, 2006

Painful Learning

Remember your first day at school, that first date, that first week of calculas, first day in the army, etc.? There was that lost, what-do-I-do-next: what is that man talking about, should I speak up kind of feeling. That feeling that you are so helplessly lost that you can't even think of a question to ask?

Now you get the sense of how I feel about the new iMac computer! And I suppose I now know how a computer neophyte feels at his first SeniorNet computer class.

My first personal computer was from Sears Roebuck and if memory serves I think the hard drive was 110KB. OK, mabe it was 110MB, but it was small. As hard drives grew bigger, I grew older, but I learned to use each bigger hard drive and its contents. Habits formed concerning finding my way. But they are no help now, in fact, they are getting in the way. I wouldn't want to go back, but I could wish that Apple would include a decent manual or at least, sponsor one.


Archana said...

Oh no! Wish I could offer some help - but I am a complete novice with Macs (the non-cheese variety ;-)) as well! Isn't there help online?

But I have heard, once you get used to them, Macs are very smooth sailing! Good luck!

Marilyn said...

It's funny, Jeffrey and I both used to be dedicated Mac users...we still pine away for of these days, when we can afford one. :) Good luck with your new toy!