Friday, September 22, 2006


Earlier this week I was at the dentists doing my part to finance a new BMW for him. His nurse/technician/ assistant lost her grip on something. I couldn’t see what. She did the natural thing and said, “Ooops!” The dentist playfully chided her, informing her that there was a list of words that are never to be said in a dentist’s office and top of the list is “Ooops”. On the drive home, S and I started a different list – the people that shouldn’t be heard saying “Ooops”.

• Clerk in the china department.
• Airline pilots
• The guy carving the Thanksgiving turkey.
• High wire artists.
• Picture hangers at MOMA.
• Worker at the Naval Arsenal.
• Waitress pouring hot coffee.

..and many more not very clever ones. I do remember the nurse trying to take blood from my arm saying in repeatedly as she kept missing the vein. There must be a bunch of better ones than those. How about some contributions?


Anonymous said...

plastic surgeon? :)

Anonymous said...

oh, or what about an explosives expert?

The Elusive Loo said...


Archana said...

I was about to say hairdresser too!

faraari said...

+ the eye-laser surgeon

+ the fiction writer (if he messes up something in the life of his character by a typing mistake)

+ the hoisting crane operator

+ the bodyguard