Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Practice of Tagging

Archana writes a delightful blog about her most interesting and fresh views of life. ( (or to the left under Links, click on A Rupee for my Thoughts) I would praise her further, BUT the other day she “tagged” me. She really shouldn’t have done that because I don’t do chain letters, inspirational posts that require that I pass them along to ten friends, or other forms of coercion. As I understand it, people that have been tagged are duty bound to post the name of the person that tagged them. Then they are to record eight things about themselves that aren’t widely known. I can’t do that, but it does remind me that I’ve been intending to post a bunch of miscellaneous stuff I’ve thought of recently.

Trivial Bits of Nothingness

• I dislike shaving, and have never found a razor I really feel right about. I keep buying new ones.
• I hate heights, but always wished I had taken flying lessons when I was younger.
• I take fifteen pills a day and still am going to hell in a hand basket.
• I never got to be an Eagle Scout because you needed Bird Study merit badge and I couldn’t memorize 40 bird songs.
• Before my voice changed I sang soprano in a church choir. Without an organ blasting in my ear I couldn’t (and can’t) carry a tune across the street.
• I owned my first tuxedo when I was a junior in high school.
• I was salutatorian of my high school class. Everyone thought it was a mistake.
• I detest bread pudding.

I am not going to tag any (or is it “either”) of my friends. Instead I am going to tell them to go read Archana’s blog. Maybe you will be lucky and she will tag you. You got that Fran, Steph, Bob, Mary, Babs, Sally, Al, and David?


Anonymous said...

i hate those things! i dont really seem the point in them really. they irritate me to no end.

as for the eagle scout, i dont think i'd ever be able to memorise 40 birdsongs

Archana said...

Thank you for those nice words about my blog and for doing this tag :-))! It was fun reading that assorted collection of random facts about you :-))!

I am terribly scared of heights. But bungee-jumping is high on my list of things to do! Wonder how that will go!

p.s. I promise to never tag you again. I think torturing you once is enough :-D!

Ch'i said...

I love those random facts- and I am always happy to find a good blog to add to my rss reader.

Archana Bahuguna said...

Thanks for visiting. :-) And hey.. your tag was great reading too ...

Regarding shaving you remind me of my husband, he too dislikes that, although the reason is that he likes to be lazy :-) And yes! I am afraid of heights too and would love to take flight lessons. They are a bit expensive though, will do when I earn. :-) (Will tell ya if I do)

And btw, I have visited ur blog a no of times before. Your blogs are interesting and fun to read.