Friday, July 06, 2007


In my stocking last Christmas I received a small hour glass. It is almost six inches tall and if I recall, I have timed it at about five minutes. The passage of the sand is all but invisible. Since I arrived home from the skilled nursing home, I have flipped it over several times and just stared at it as it did its thing. It is quite encouraging when compared to all those hours in the healing process. Progress is hard to recognize if you concentrate, but turn away and then back - progress is appararent even if you can't see it happening. Healing will happen and there is always reason for optomism.

Another measure of the world turning is the fact that while you are confined to bed, physical possesions can easily dissappear. Having had the experience of losing nice pens during past trips to doctorland, I now arrange to take to the hospital one of those super cheap bags of Bics or the like. My accounting shows that of the dozen cheapies I took this trip, I came home with only six.

My roommate was as nice a guy as you could hope to meet - while awake. He insisted on a sleeping pill however. Asleep, he would search out the remote control for his bed and raise himself as high as the bed would go. Darn near to the ceiling! The bed was noisy, so this usually woke me. I pressed the call button for an aide. One would come and see the altitude he was at (with bare naked legs hanging over the side of the bed). She , being afraid he would fall if awakened, would call for reinforcements. I would watch during the whispered crisis and panic sounds until he was back at ground level. I suggested they give him a parachute, but night nurses display little humor.

Home is nice and I am glad to be here.


PureLight said...

Congratulations on your happy return home! May you have calm, restorative sleep without your high-flying roommate, although it did make a great story.

east village idiot said...

Now that's visual. A parachute would be wise.

It's good to hear you're home. Just take it one day at a time.

kenju said...

Welcome home! I know that being in a hospital is never conducive to rest and relaxation, so take all the rest and quiet you need now.

Bharathis said...

Welcome back! Your optimistic outlook will sure help you return to normalcy soon!

millie garfield said...

I haven't visited you for a while so I just finished "playing catch up." Oh my, sounds like you have through the mill -

Welcome home to peace and quiet and lots more smoked salmon and liver and onions.

Those are my favorites too.