Monday, July 30, 2007

It's Not Manly, But What the Heck!

At the Beauty Salon/Barber shop over at the Skilled Nursing Facility they provide manicures. I spent some ridiculous time lately watching perfectly macho guys “getting their nails done”. I must say that I have never had a professional manicure in my whole life. Oh, I think that when I was very young, my mother would occasionally clip my nails. I think her motive was to keep me from chewing my nails. Chewing seemed to do a satisfactory job in my opinion – and hurt less. . In later years after I started carrying a penknife, it did a fine job. It did annoy many of my teachers when I would spend the last half the test time just filing away.

The irony of the situation is that now we are in the post-operative stage of my leg problems, I have been instructed to have a podiatrist subject my feet to a pedicure (without polish). It isn’t too bad, but I may never change my socks in a locker room

Next time I get a haircut, I may sample a manicure. That would be one less thing I haven’t tried yet. At least, I can have the excuse of having it done in a semi-medical environment.


Oestre-Bunny said...

:) I've never had a pedi either, or a mani for that matter.

But hey, who cares? As long as your enjoying yourself and at least it's one more box ticked :D

kenju said...

I never had manicures or pedicures until I was in my 50's & urged on by my younger daughter, I got a few - and then I was hooked. It is nice to treat yourself to something that feels so nice!!

Archana said...

Ah, there you are :-) - hope you are doing better now!

I started having pedicures regularly since last year. Man, it feels soooooo good :-D!