Saturday, October 06, 2007

Prayers Worked - Thank You All

My gracious, that was a long stretch of hospital beds plus rehab beds. I was in and out of those twice since I last wrote. Got home yesterday, weak as a kitten, but happy to watch today's football on our reasonably large TV as compared to the tiny thing at Rehab. As strength returns I plan to show up here again on a steady basis.

As I told one nurse before coming home - With all the artificial parts, donor parts, contributed blood, and pills and medicines, I just don't feel like myself. But the mechanisms seem to be working better so I guess the substitutes are working and may be an improvement.

Sally was heroic and came to sit with me three times a day, every day. She kept my morale high and I will never be able to express my full appreciation to her. Hers was a tougher time than mine.


kenju said...

It is nice to know you are home; where your full recovery can be quicker!

Archana said...

Yaaaaaay :-D! I am SO glad you are feeling fine! Welcome back :-D!

Entropy said...

Welcome Back.
Hope you quickly get better.
Looking forward to reading regular posts written by you soon.

Bharathis said...

Welcome back!:-) Missed you. Kudos to Sally!

Keith said...

Welcome back. Great to read you are back with us.