Wednesday, August 15, 2007

On your mark... get set... pray

We have a race that has gotten underway here in Sunny Florida. We'll know more about winners on Tuesday. Much as signing up for it is not my idea of fun, it is between me and Hurricane Dean. Dean is scheduled to touch down about then and I am supposed to arrive back at the hospital that morning. The operation on my left leg apparently didn't do what it was supposed. (It was a flop.) . First try will be to attempt a repair. From there on --- We will let the surgeon choose a path. Meanwhile, I don't feel much likewriting a warm story based on nostagia.

I wish you well and plan to be back in a couple of weeks hunting and peeking again.


Archana said...

Good luck Ralph! My prayers are definitely with you - hope everything works out fine!

Get well soon!

kenju said...

Good luck! I hope your doc chooses the right path this time!

Mildred Garfield said...

Sorry to learn that you are going back into the hospital,

I hope they get you back on track.

Good luck!

east village idiot said...

I'm not giving up on you! Get better soon.

Bharathis said...

Get well soon! Wish you the very best of luck and prayers for your early recovery.

Marilyn said...

I fell behind in my blog reading, so I'm just seeing this! Hope you're back soon, friend! We miss you when you're not gracing us with fabulous posts!