Friday, November 14, 2008

Oh Boy! Home Cooked Food

That was a long stay! Well, it really wasn't a "stay". I commuted between the hospital (lousy food) and the rehab place (good food, but institutional) innumerable times. I sure missed this computer, but I had lots of time to watch TV. I admit I did get quite tired of the political nit-picking. It was a historical event, however. No, not that one, the self-destruction of the Republican Party!

And what a ride watching the stock market the last month! Between the politics all the time, the market on week days and football on week ends TV actually was fun recently. I had my computer set to receive Aol Stock Alerts to report when our stock moved up (HA!) or down. They practically filled my inbox. I deleted them all when I got home yesterday. Ugly.

So all you smokers, make this the day you quit. Quitting is not as hard as waking up each morning with IVs in your arm and oxygen in your nose.


Archana said...

Hey, you are back :-))! Welcome back, welcome back!

Aaargh - don't even talk about the stock market - I no longer look at my stock ticker app :-(.

kenju said...

Yes, welcome back! And I quit the noxious weed many years ago, for which I am grateful.

Keith said...

Welcome back