Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Sunday Morning Thought

I love eggs. But for the biggest part of my life they were a forbidden food. Now -- They are practically a health food. The rehab I've been in served eggs in a different form almost every day. On Monday - poached, Tuesday we had scrambled , and so on.

I spoke to the nutritionist and she said that eggs are now considered a good protein source. Fine, but do I have enough years left to make up for all those decades of egg deprivation?


OHN said...

Hi! I was checking some of my blogs this morning and was glad to see you had posted again :)

It is funny that you posted about eggs, my boys were home from college this weekend and they asked me to make egg salad. I try to make them with only 1/2 the yolk to make them "healthier" but like you, I love eggs :)

Have a great week!

kenju said...

I was taught that about eggs when I was a kid in school - and I have never forgotten it! They are perfect protein. I still eat at least 4 per week.

Bharathis said...

We are told not to eat the egg yolk but the white part which is full of protein and no cholesterol. Are you advised to take the whole egg? If so, it is news to me.
By the way, welcome back!Missed you!