Saturday, June 27, 2009


I admit to being a pack-rat. People scorn my fear of throwing anything away. But, Gosh, I might need my 1949 Income Tax Return sometime. The same with the pictured ticket stub from the 1946 Army Navy Football Game. But look at all we can learn from that stub. That is a 50 yard line seat. Ergo, I had pull. (My uncle was a full professor at West Point.) Some things never change. The way to get good tickets to a good game is, and was, to know someone.

And the price!!! A 10th row seat on the fifty yard line for $4.80! Some things do change. $4.80 would not buy you a hotdog at a major game today. Not that the Army-Navy game is what it was 63 years ago.

I remember very little about the game, except that President Truman was there. And I remember less about the President than his Secret Service men who stood up all game and most faced back to the game looking at the crowd.


kenju said...

That ticket would be worth some money to collectors!! Don't get rid of it until you search out the possibilities.

LaGringaCBG said...

C. here -of the D., C., L ( who washed her baby doll in a bidet) and P Gut.... family from France, WP, NJ Shore days!!- Been bad at Christmas cards these last few years-when I find your old address somewhere in the unpacked boxes- ! I'll send you our last Christmas card. But I've just found your blog while Googling old friends' names!! I myself don't totally understand them! Good for you on your blog!!! Best to all of you!
Saw the Army-Navy Game ticket- I went to all 4 Army-Navy games with D. between 1959 & 1963-I might have a ticket somewhere in unpacked boxes!!!

OHN said...

How awesome. My youngest (15) has dreams of attending the Naval Academy. (the only things holding him back are his grades--haha).