Sunday, June 07, 2009

Update on Me and S-

I haven't been very good about keeping up with status reports, so this is a guilt laden attempt to update. Back around May 1st or maybe a week or so earlier, the site where I lost the last toe decided to spontaneously split open. In the best medical terminology, the circulation in that right leg and foot was, and is, "lousy". The surgeon decided that drastic measures (hyperbarics) were called for. You may have heard about this in an earlier blog. Since walking and standing are difficult, it takes me the better part of the morning to get shaved and showered. At noon it is time for a hurried lunch, and departure for the hospital. Then it is four or four thirty when I get out of the chamber. For reasons described in the next paragraph it is a hustle to get to dinner. It is about a forty minute drive from the hospital. After dinner, both S- and I are near collapse.

Meanwhile , Hyatt is undertaking a huge renovation of the dining rooms, lobby. beauty parlor, etc., etc. They have converted the auditorium into a pleasant , but crowded, temporary dining area. If you miss your assigned sitting time -- too bad. You have to wait until someone else breaks a leg or otherwise misses their time.

Add to all this and it started pouring rain on May 18th and hasn't stopped since. This has prevented our taking my electric scooter to the hospital and generally made life complicated.

This is a short lists of the events that have kept me from the computer. I'll try hard to catch up soon.

Prior to these busy days, we had a joyous visit from the kids and grandkids from New Zealand. They brought their 8 week old baby and we practiced our baby talk. Its been a while.


Archana said...

O boy - that sure sounds hectic!! Hope your leg feels better soon and you are back to the normal routine.

Ah, I KNOW about all the rain in Florida - it rained *every* single day of our vacation a couple of years ago!

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kenju said...

It's good to catch up, even though the news is not good. I'm sorry about your foot and hope it will soon be well.