Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Fort Hood Irony

Think how it must rankle the old-Army generals: With 43,000 soldiers under their command, hundreds of them armed Military Police, a mad man’s rampage is stopped dead by a short, little lady nicknamed “Mighty Mouse.” Worse – she is a civilian police-person. While the unarmed military wisely scattered and took cover, “Mighty Mouse” flung open the door of her squad car and charged straight at the mad man with guns blazing. Hit three times she kept firing until the maniac fell. She is a true heroine.

But will the grizzled old generals ever forgive this “FEMALE”?

I doubt it’s in their genes.


evi said...

Wow. I hadn't heard about her. It isn't mentioned in the new here!

Bharathis said...

We were all very impressed by her feat! Of course, in India we have female goddesses for valour and detruction of evil forces (Parvati and Kali) and being used to this concept of females wielding weapons, would not think anything was out of the ordinary in this incident!