Friday, November 13, 2009

November 13, 2009

Random Observatons From a Sitting Position

• Don’t you just love it when some pompous policy makers say their policy is “zero tolerance”… and then have to back down? Remember when the little boy proudly brought his Cub Scout all-in-one eating utensil to school and was expelled for carrying a weapon (a knife)?
• Recession ? On our last drive we went along the ocean front road in Palm Beach, FL. We noticed six (6) new MANSIONS, big, BIG ones being built and one old one being torn down preparatory to building another.
• Sign of the times. Penn State has reported that due to the prevalence of cell phones, all landline phones will be removed from dormitory rooms. This will save $700,000 or $800,000 depending on the report you read. Oh, the joys of those days with a sore ear from all evening on the phone!


east village idiot said...

When it comes to the Palm Beach's my impression that the super rich always stay super rich.

Floridora said...

I think you are largely correct. but Madoff proved nothing is certain.

OHN said...

This got me started thinkning about when I was in college. Cell phones were not around and long distance charges were crazy.

When I would make the trip home to visit, then trek back to school, to avoid the charge of a call, we had a little system worked out.

I would place a collect call to my mom's house and ask for "fred" and she would not accept the call, as there was no "fred" at the house.

Was it cheating? yes. I admit it. But it saved my mom a few bucks and she knew that I was back at school safe and sound.

Jim Higgins said...


I'm Chaplain Jim Higgins - you left several comments on my blog "Letters from the Desert" while I was in Iraq several years ago.

Just checking in on you and glad to see you're doing well.