Tuesday, April 27, 2010


$106,000! That’s one hundred and six thousand dollars!! That’s how much the hospital charged for the simple little angioplasty I had last month. That doesn’t include the surgeon who did it nor the anesthesiologists that put me to sleep. Needless to say, Medicare sliced that down by orders of magnitude.. After Medicare and my insurance paid their share of a much smaller number, I have only to pay $211, which isn’t bad. But consider the poor guy that has no insurance. He simply couldn’t have the procedure. Now I understand the why of Obama’s Healthcare bill. Let’s get it cranked up in a hurry.

These hospitals say they have to overcharge to pay for all the charity work they do. I know my hospital has handled a bunch of patients from the Haiti earthquake, but don’t put the onus of paying for them on poor Americans. This is just plain ridiculous!

$106,000! Cheez!!


east village idiot said...

Costs are out of control.My dad said the same thing about his radiology treatment costs. $75,000

AMIT said...

Oh its so costly but hope your problem is solved now.

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Anonymous said...

It was your duty to eat better when you were younger. Less animal products= No angioplasty.

quran for kids said...

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Floridora said...

Q4K--Of course!