Sunday, January 08, 2006

Post Holidays

I’m sorry that I haven’t posted a blog message in a week or so. School was out, of course, and so we got to have our youngest grandson with us for a couple days. That is more fun than sitting and typing. Then there was some post Christmas sales to be looked into and a movie to see (“Rumor Has It” Movie was good, Shirley McLain was great!). Also there was the matter of Christmas toys to learn to play with. The young grandson can entertain himself for hours with his Game Boy. Once I said to S- that I should get myself one to while away the hours we have spent waiting in doctor’s offices recently. Unbeknownst to me my wife and two of the daughters got on the computer and ordered one for me. I had to ask the 8 ½ year old to teach me how to work it, but now I look forward to sitting in offices driving the others there round the bend with the beeps and gleeps from the Game Boy.

We also got a new DVD/VCR player and recorder. The Twelve Days of Christmas are past and I still haven’t mastered the DVD recording bit. As instructions I think we were given a paper written by a barely literate engineer who was told to write down all he knew about the machine in 100 pages or more. Logical arrangement be damned, just fill the book. We’ll get it, but I’m ready to call in the Game Boy expert.

The tree and decorations are stashed away, the cookies and candy is gone, no one gave us a fruit cake this year, so there is little to stop life from returning to normal. There is the matter of the Super Bowl fuss, but we should take that in stride. Hope your holidays were fun, now go back to work or whatever.


Marilyn said...

I'll bet your grandson could program that DVD player in about 5 minutes FLAT! I just love the image of you sitting in waiting rooms with your GameBoy. ;)

Archana said...

Ah well, you have me for company. I dont know how to use the Game Boy either. At least you are learning...
Have fun with your new toy :-D!