Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Recipe for Good Pancakes

A few week,s ago we went to the mall shopping and missed dinner at the "Institute", "Home", what ever you want to call where we live. We went down to Cracker Barrel for some pancakes. They were as good as ever but reminded me of the best pancakes I have ever had.

Sixty -seven or -eight years ago, our Boy Scout troop went on a camp-out along with a bunch of other troops. We went on Friday night, set up tents and slept out doors that night. Three or four troop fathers had come along and the next morning they decided that they should do the cooking for breakfast, despite having only the most rudimentary knowledge of the art. A committee of mothers had packed the food supplies (for meals thru Sunday noon). Using these supplies the fathers made the troop pancakes for breakfast and were they ever good!?!

Saturday afternoon were the big knot tieing, etc.,competitions between the tro0ps and all the Moms arrived to watch. Of course, they heard about the delicious pancakes the fathers had cooked. Suspicious, some Moms checked the larder and found that the week-end's supply of eggs had all gone to into one meal's pancakes. The fathers got as close to catching hell as they could come at a Boy Scout affair. But I'll always remember, to make good pancakes throw in all the eggs you have.

To the right of the First Class Scout Badge above is today's Cooking Merit Badge. It looks to me like a souffle or a pop-over behind the silverware. That sure doesn't jibe with the cooking I ate in the Boy Scouts! What's happening to this world?

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Anonymous said...

I think it's suppose to be a chef's hat.