Thursday, January 26, 2006

South Florida Fair

We went over to the South Florida Fairgrounds yesterday. The Annual Fair is running down. It will close tomorrow. As you can see, they let the little kiddies sit right up close to the ice show, one of the features this year. The Ice Show was surprisingly good. All the performers were top-notch and could bring a gasp to the large audience with their grace and sometimes with their flamboyance.

Each year we see the space given to farm tractors, cows, chickens, rabbits , veggies and the like shrink back. That is a little disappointing to we old timers, but understandable. The entertainment and food areas increase to compensate. This year they had a new outfit in to bring in the rides attractions, etc. It was quite an improvement, particularly in cleanliness.

Everyone should go to a country fair at least once a year.


Stacey said...

this is the fair on southern blvd in palm beach?

Floridora said...

Yes, it is there every January. To be clear, it is in Palm Beach County, not the town of PB.

Marilyn said...

I annual trip to a county fair does a body good... :)