Wednesday, August 01, 2007

If It Ain't one Da-- Thing, It is Another

Bah, Humbug! I hope that those few that note that I am having problems posting here will think it is the computer, not me. I have made an effort to fix both possibilities, with equally poor results. The Apple store is about 15 miles away. I have been rejected as well enough to drive that far and Sally has declared herself uninterested in facing down Florida traffic. So here we sit. My self-esteem sinks, while Sally is sympathetic, but continues to insist that transportation is not her thing. We have to get a grandson to get over here, as stat as possible.


kenju said...

What can you promise him as motivation?

Marilyn said...

Does your grandson know what a devoted audience of readers you have? If he did, he'd be there PRONTO! ;)

Bharathis said...

Missed reading your regular postings.
I agree with marilyn. your grandson a list of your blog's eager audience!