Thursday, August 04, 2005

Ancient School Memories

While reviewing pld posts looking to see if I had ever posted n old army story I was reminded of this AM, I found the following. It was listed as a draft, ei., never posted. Being of the "waste not, want not"school of thought - here it is, a year later.

I prefer to believe that as I was extraordinarily curious in kindergarden. Some did not agree. They felt that stupid was a better word for a kid that would put his hand in the cage with the rats and get bitten. Then as that healed he was reputed to annoy the class garden snake and get bitten again. In retrospect, I think I was getting a jump start for my career in research. When I offered the squirrel my finger instead of a peanut, I learned, even at five years of age, that a squirrel bites lots harder than a rat or a snake. Even though my teacher ranked me as a slow learner I was promoted to first grade.

By the time I moved on from first grade, my hand writing had reached its high point. It was every bit as good as it is now. I remember enjoying the ink well at the top corner of the desk. We were allowed two nibs for our pens and replacements cost 2 cents each. My biggest educational expense at the time.

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