Friday, August 12, 2005

The Cold Delaware

My all-time favorite photo-blog has to be A Walk Through Durham Township. Pennsylvania. ( ). August 11, Kathleen posted a picture of five happy kids jumping into the Delaware River and it brought back the memory of an adventure I never told many people about.

While working at a Boy Scout camp for the summer, a buddy and I used our day off to hike over to the Delaware. It was the kind of day that one dares to call splendid. With boyish thought processes we jumped in and swam across the river from New Jersey to Pennsylvania. Once there, we sunned awhile on some rocks before heading back. We were self-taught swimmers, awkward and slow. As we approached the Jersey side, it dawned on us - "The river has a current." We were going to reach shore about a mile or more south of where we embarked. This would have been a minor problem except for the fact that we had left our clothes at our point of origin. When we realized that juvenile swearing wasn't going to help, we started walking up stream in the water. This all happened way out in the country, but there was still an occasional car that passed by on the dirt road along the bank. Each caused us to duck under water. As seventeen year-olds and with the emergence of youthful machoism, we sure didn't want to be seen after 2 and 1/2 hours in frigid, frgid water.
Ah, youth!

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