Sunday, August 14, 2005

Structured Incoherence

Thought #1
– Most older folks will tell you that they dislike doctors and nurses calling them by their first name, particularly if it is a first meeting. So what does the government do? It passes a law that when writing your name on the appointment sheet in the doctor’s office you must use your first name only -- to “preserve your privacy”. Fortunately receptionists, doctors, nurses, and patients are ignoring this bit of stupidity.

Opinion #1 – “On Star” is the greatest thing since sliced bread. Recently I took my wife to a clinic for some out-patient eye surgery. After a long time in the recovery room the powers that be declared her ready to go home. She was transferred to a wheel chair and wheeled to the front door. I went to the parking lot to get the car. Oooops! Panic time! There are my car keys lying on the floor of the locked car. Back to wife to see if she brought her keys. Of course not. Should I call the nearest Buick agency, try to locate a friend? What to do? Wife is amused at this point, she is a great sport. The clinic was less sporting as they wheeled her back in and tucked her back in bed. Then I had a vision, then I had religion! I went through my wallet and found my On Star card. I called them, told them my problem and presto! I heard the driver’s door clicking. On Star had unlocked the door and we went on our merry way home. I love On Star!

Observation #1-- We took our 17 year old, six pound, healthy person-phobic cat to the Vet the other day for her annual physical and shots. Strictly a routine, but it cost more than I pay for a physical (OK, Medicare pays for me). I am still trying to figure out the true meaning of that.

Reflection #1 – Next time you are in the super market early in the morning and a disheveled woman wearing slippers shuffles by, consider that she may be a nightshift nurse on the way home from standing twelve hours caring for and comforting a very ill patient.


Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog! The only complaint I have about it is that it reminds me how much I miss talking to you and everyone else there! Keep it up from your biggest fan!

Marilyn said...

Really, older people don't like medical staff using their first names? I would have never guessed that. If anything, I'd have thought using a more familiar greeting would make one feel more at ease. But then I hate to be referred to by my last name (which is going to make it really annoying when everyone at the school where I'm working now starts doing that when the kids come back to school...all staff members are referred to by their last names in front of the students).