Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Wednesday is our movie day when there is something potenially interesting playing. We took what we thought was a chance and saw a winner. "MUST LIKE DOGS" is light fluff, but worth seeing for a lot of reasons. One, it is funny at a rat-a-tat pace. Two, late on in the movie, if you take a moment from laughing, you will notice that it has a clever, different structure than most. It is made up of somewhat related one liners, each with its own scene. When joined together, they tell a smooth story. A goodly portion of the cast appear in single, almost cameo spots and appear again only momentarily to reprise their sole joke. OK, the butcher shows up three or four times in a running gag, but he's the exception. Finally, the principal players are excellent and they are backed by a fabulous bunch of "old" pros. Together they find ways to slip emotion into the humorous mix.
Oh, yes. The dogs are lovable too.

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