Sunday, September 04, 2005

Buff, Super Buddy

I was six or seven years old when my chart of excitement in one day went through the roof. The Becker Milk man told my mother that a neighbor of his was trying to get rid of a litter of puppies. He offered to take me in his horse driven wagon on the rest of his route, then back to the barn, pick up his car and go to see the puppies. As I first saw them they were in a squirmy yellow bundle of long ears, tails to match, and soft fur, playing and nipping at each other. It was hard to pick but we drove back with “Buff,” soon to be a full partner in the family firm. (Despite the fact that she became car sick on the way home and so embarrassed me that I could barely thank the milk man.) Imagine, in one day I got to ride in a horse drawn wagon, see the horses get fed and bedded down, and got to pick out a puppy for myself.She became my buddy for the next twelve years. I chatted with her and told her my secrets. She slept in my room, she tracked me everywhere I went. She hiked with me to the top of the “mountain” near town. I would lose sight of her but I could hear her thrashing through the leaves. If I called, she would stick her head up and decide whether to come to me or be playfully stubborn.

When I went off to school, she helped Mom with the empty nest syndrome and helped Dad with the yard work. She was a family member until she died while I was in the army.


Marilyn said...

What a sweet memory. We had a black Lab for 13 years who conjures up the same sorts of memories for me. When I look back, I realize she was there every step of the way from the time I was 1 until 14.

east village idiot said...

What a great story. I live in downtown NYC and after 9/11 I thought the time might be right to finally breakdown and add a dog to our "family firm".

My husband and son dreamed of owning a dog it was love at first sight. Not only is my Westie (named Saki) a partner in the firm - I'm pretty sure he's the Managing Partner.

The experience of getting your dog sounds like a fairytale - barn visits, horse/buggy ride, puppies.
Doesn't get much better than that.

kristi_kerr said...

what an awesome blog!! I loved your puppy story and know finally what it means to have a dog I truly love. I picked out my puppy just before valentines day, I didn't realize I was picking out a puppy until I saw little mutt...I was just going to look at my brothers mistake puppies and was sure I would not be in any way tempted..the last thing I needed was another thing to keep me little pup's name is kiddi.......imagine that
anyway nice to meet you!!