Thursday, September 22, 2005

More FCW

For a naïve freshman, the walls of the booths in the first floor men’s bathroom in Pond Laboratory Building were a real education. One could pick from chemistry formulas and lessons to the bluest of blue humor containing hints the birds and the bees never dreamed of. (And some phone numbers in the women’s dormitories.) The writings were always new since the janitorial staff washed the walls down once a week. I had learned the respect for (and fear of) Dean Whitmore all the college community had for him early after my arrival. So in the spirit of true research and a bit of authority defiance, I took pen in hand. In a small open spot just at eye level, I printed, “Please do not write on this wall! Best Wishes, FCW” I drew a little box around it.

Sure enough, each week the walls were washed clean, all but the little memo that was signed, “Best Wishes, FCS”.

But there is more – I left for the army and when I came back 3 + years later, the phony Dean’s instruction was still in place. I doubt that a single inscription was deterred. After all, it was the perfect crime.

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