Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A Nickel's Worth

This flood of newly designed coins is apparently not a new policy as I thought, but a return to the frequent issuing of new designs as practiced in the years before the early 1900’s. (Coin collectors, feel free to correct me. My vast knowledge of this subject was obtained in about two minutes on Google.) In any event, I have done my part to help the economy by setting aside the new quarters as they showed up in change which I put on top of the bureau every night. I save them because of their novelty and not because I think they are particularly beautiful. And, of course, there is the challenge of accumulating all 50 as they become available. Actually, I’ve decided they look quite like the gold-plated medallions issued by states or fairs or anyone to commemorate and finance some one-time event. I think somewhere I have one from the New York World’s Fair.

But I digress, I started this to say how classy the new Buffalo Nickel is. I have only seen two and I understand (google) that they are already out of production. Pictures of the one to follow (in production now.) suggest it may be equally impressive. I gather there are going to be a bunch of new nickels. In my opinion, when they finish playing around, they should return to this Buffalo design for the long haul. Of course, during my life, a very similar buffalo appeared on the nickel until it was replaced when I was in my teens and stayed in circulation for years after production had been stopped. I may be biased.

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