Saturday, September 10, 2005

Post-retirement II

You know, we old folks cannot DO many things as well as young people. But when it comes to things that we do not want to do, we can NOT DO them with tenacity unmatched by the young. Parents approaching the age when total self-care is not feasible may surprise their children with the vehemence with which they resist moving, especially to a facility designed and operated to make things easier for seniors. While my wife and I thoroughly enjoy, even revel in, our lifestyle here in a Life Care Center, it must be recognized that there are those that are completely convinced that they don’t want this life. They can dig their heels into bedrock and simply refuse to concede.

This presents a problem for all concerned. We know of a resident here whose relatives “put” her here. She didn’t want to be here from the very beginning. She never made the adjustment or gave up her resistance. She is a delightful lady in conversation, but she wants out and is finally getting her wish. (Rumor suggests a nudge from management is helping her get her wish.) Dollars to doughnuts, her next destination will be less satisfactory.

I am sure that the people who have invested in lifestyles for seniors have tried to find ways to overcome preconceived ideas that the life is not for them. (And with some success. Look! we are here.) But largely what is happening is a skimming of the elder population for those that like the idea of not having to cook for themselves and/or other of the “not having to’s” that come with residence.

The point of all this is to suggest that while you are young enough to be a flexible thinker, find out about life care facilities. Go visit one. Talk to residents. Think about extending those fun retirement years by bringing the fun close by. Listen to the voice that says “Leave the driving to us”.


east village idiot said...

I can't believe you blogged about this. One thing my friends and I always take comfort in is that we plan to pick an assisted living campus where we can all hang out with each other - especially my single friends. I want them not to have fears of an isolated and lonely "last quarter". It would be great if we could all be together.

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